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Ricardo Carll


NAHARA WOODS sculptor Rico Carll creates one of-a-kind fine art decor out of Northwest hardwoods. These unique creations bring out the aliveness that beautiful wood reminds us of when we are enthralled in nature's beauty. His wildlife pieces often utilize the wood's grain to create a scene. Many have thought-provoking elements that give the piece meaning: some are like an entity with personality: many are functional.

 Rico working

After graduating from the Colorado State University in the College of Forestry, Rico went to work as a wilderness ranger patrolling 60,000 acres in Wyoming's Big Horn Mountains where he developed an artistic eye doing nature photography. He was ultimately drawn to woodcraft and developed his style from self-taught skills evolving as he traveled learning from artisans and furniture makers.

Inspired by the uncompromising character in Ayn Rand's novel Fountainhead who refused to be swayed by pressure to conform to traditional design styles, Rico declines suggestions to make smaller, easier-to-sell pieces or undercut himself. He is compelled to follow his own creativity by sculpting fine art decor that can continue through generations as heirlooms.

Rico Carll lives in North Idaho with his wife where he devoutly works to bring about NAHARA WOODS sculptures that people can feel passionate about owning. His signature is engraved on the back of each piece.


International Design In Wood Exhibition at Del Mar, Ca
"Wind Swept Bluff" - First Place Award in Traditional Wood Carving



International Design in Wood Exhibition at Del Mar, Ca
LIFE - Honorable Mention Award


International Design in Wood Exhibition at Del Mar, Ca
SAXMAN - Honorable Mention Award

"original and strikingly unique."
"pieces explode with artistic elegance"
"double as museum pieces."
"some are so hauntingly lifelike they almost appear real."

....Boundary County Digest

"The exhibit of your dynamic wood sculpture was one of the more praised displays of our lobby. The skill, talent, and time involved in creating your unique hardwood carved art was appreciated and enjoyed by patrons and staff alike."

....Sandpoint Library Board of Trustees


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